Today I am thankful for my garden.

I am thankful that I have some dirt to call my own, a place to dig, to water, to watch life renew itself. It doesn’t take much time, 5 minutes of pulling weeds, gathering seeds, and I am more at peace with my place in the giant world.

Things that make me smile in my garden:

  • Flowers still in bloom – Flax, Yarrow, Chinese Houses, Lupines and Monkey Flower.
  • The wildflower seeds are popping up all over the place even though they were just sown in the mulch and not dirt.
  • It looks like the Carex Pansa lawn is starting to take.
  • The ribes are full of buds waiting to burst into bloom.
  • The Sambucus Mexicana that had broken broken branches might have new life. I stuck the branches in a pot and forgot about them. No special treatment. Now they are all rooting.
  • Last night I heard a frog next door.

Life is good.

It’s Thursday so don’t forget to go try your hand at poems of 15 Words or Less with Laura Salas. It’s quick. It’s fun. It wakes up your brain. Laura also has an upcoming online class on Writing Children’s Nonfiction Books for the Educational Market.