1. My friend Eileen, aka  is getting back in touch with her artistic self. She posted one of her drawings here.  I’d love to see her post more of her artwork and then spend more time working on her art. She’s very talented and just needs a few more prods in that direction. If you are an artist, or just like art, maybe you’ll pop over to her blog and encourage her? (Click on the picture to see the full version.)

2. How many writers are the instantly awake type of people? I’d like to think I’m not alone in getting up, stumbling around doing not-as-important things first thing in the morning because I’m really not awake. But maybe it’s just me. Maybe everyone else in the world is like my husband who is wide awake before his feet even hit the floor, regardless of how much or how little sleep he got the night before?

3. Dog kisses make getting up at any time all better. Always.