Random things going through my brain on a Thursday:

1. The courtyard fence needs to be replaced. Which means the electrical stuff that is on the fence and that runs the length of the fence needs to be taken down/shutoff/moved/etc. Which means in addition to finding a fence person (hard to do for a small area) I need to find an electrician (hard to do lately for small jobs.) 

2. Need to make up my mind about where to direct the water that will come when (if?) it rains since I had trenches dug and downspouts rerouted.

3. Where and how high will I put mounds in the front yard?

4.  Need to do #2 before I can start #3

5. Should I even be trying to write in the middle of this?

6. Milestone birthday coming up – people keep asking me if I am worried/concerned/depressed/etc. I’m not. Does that make me weird?

7. I am thinking about going to work on a verse novel instead of one in prose and I wonder why I am afraid to write in verse again. This is different than blank page fear.