Okay, I do know that it is Wednesday and I missed Tuesday and the memory challenge but here it is….that all important rite of passage…the driver’s license.

I didn’t get a lot of driving experience because the only car we had was the “company” car my mom got to drive because she worked for a car dealership. I wasn’t allowed to drive that because I wasn’t covered on their insurance. My grandmother had a car but I can’t remember why I wasn’t allowed to drive that.

I took the driver’s ed that was typical in high school back then. Some time in the simulators and the class car but I have very little memory of that.

I was actually a senior, or maybe it was the summer between junior and senior year,  before I took the driving test and then it was only because my mom was dating someone who had a car that I was able to use. I don’t remember the test or the actual getting of the license. In fact, I remember more about getting my own car in my senior year than anything else. I remember calling my best friend Linda Belcher and she and I went for a ride. I don’t remember where we went but we ended up back at her house eating an entire bag of Hershey’s kisses to celebrate.

Okay…I guess I thought this was going to be about getting a driver’s license but I guess I don’t remember that much about that stage in my life.

How about you? What do you remember about learning to drive?