Today’s memory challenge is random due to the overwhelmingness that is my life right now. (see previous post – basically I am here, will try to keep up with these posts, but am not able to get around to read and respond much anywhere else. I apologize in advance. Both my kids are in their own respective rough patches of life and I can’t do a darn thing to help except for love them like crazy. If you’re a parent, you know what I am going through. It hurts to watch them hurt and not be able to do anything to change it.)

Random memories from my childhood.

I remember having one of the very early Barbie dolls that looked like this:

and when the new Barbie came out my mom took me down to Rhodes Department store to trade it in. We traded in my old Barbie and something like $1.00 and we got the new one in exchange. She had an orange bathing suit with some kind of netting over it and her arms and legs bent. I never ever liked it as much as my original one.

After Barbies, I went on to Little Kiddles and I really liked these guys. I had pretty much the whole set and figured I’d grow up to date a blonde-haired guy named Biff. (I didn’t.)

Also big were these Kiddie Kologne dolls that had strange perfume smells.

There really weren’t any kids in the neighborhood where I grew up so I had a lot of dolls and a good imagination.


I never had a shower in the house where I grew up so it was a bathevery night before bed. My mom used to give me bubble baths with soap that came in these dispensers like cartoon characters. I must have had 50 of them lining the bathroom wall.Much to my grandmother’s dismay.


And of course snack time was big after school and I would often opt for a space food stick

and wash it down with some Hi-C. Mmmm….good.

I also remember when the telephone company first came out with the Princess phone. My mom got one in her bedroom and I got the little mini phone on a keychain. When I got older and started dating, my mom got me my own Princess phone with my own number (mom was single and dating too) and we used to call each other from our bedrooms to say goodnight.


What would I find if I followed you down your memory land?