Let’s see if I can come up with ten things about Tuesday.

1. I worked in my office for about 5 hours today. By that I mean in my actual chair, in my actual office, plugged into the nice keyboard and monitor. For FIVE hours. This is huge.

2. #1 felt really, really good.

3. I wonder how long it will take to make #1 a habit?

4. I also wonder why it is that I put things off for so long, things that feel like they are going to be so hard and then, well, I do them and it is okay.

5. Based on #4 I might be adjusting to Firefox more quickly than I thought and I haven’t even checked out the add-ins yet.

6. Right now I am more than a little in love with the spellcheck that shows up everywhere without me having to click things.

7. I think I am equally in love with the fact that I can add tags to bookmarks.

8. I bought something for Plant Kid on Ebay today. I didn’t plan to but I saw it and I could picture it in his room and I bought it.

9. And now I wonder what Plant Kid would put in the box.

10. I also wonder if Flyboy is going to get jealous that I didn’t buy him something.