I know, I know. Long time no post. I could have been posting daily but do you really want to hear me whine, still, about how I am not adjusting to the move? I didn’t think so. So I’ve been quiet. Happy to answer emails but don’t feel like I should shout to the world in electronic format that will long outlive me about my frustrations with everything.

Funny thing, I read other writer’s blogs about their day to day lives and I’m fascinated but I figure I’m too boring to keep people mesmorized that way. On top of that, I started this blog to talk about my writing life and while moving and getting settled informs my writing life I’m not doing much writing. Hence, the silence.

Plus I am tired. So very very tired. All the time. But I am trying to poke my head up a bit. I have a couple of speaking events coming up for the end of the school year and then I am going to feel a bit more free. The last event is 5/21 and I’m taking the whole week off from work. Maybe then I can finally get caught up on some rest, if even for the short term.

In any event, anticipating my upcoming time off I need, want to read. I am actually feeling like I could read fiction again and focus and enjoy it but I’ve been so out of it that I have no idea what is new and is out that I should be reading. Okay, the Newbery and Printz books. I have those on the list but what else, especially middle grade fiction (NOT fantasy/sci fi).

Tell me what I should be reading, please?