I’m looking for some colorful, possibly dumb and dorky, words and phrases that would substitute for swearing for a character.


Decided to update this post with the list so far from here and Facebook.. These are GREAT! Thank you everyone. Keep them coming.

schucks, fudge, fiddlesticks, sonofagun

Granny used to say Hoover Dam! Horse poop, fish hooks and geewillikers are others that come to

horse hockey, darn, darn-it-all, giminy/jeeminy

Sugar the cat! Sweet biscuits!

Judas Priest, Sun of a Pup


Cripes! Jiminy Cricket! Shut the front door! Freakin’! Zoinks! Jinkies! (those are from the Scooby-Doo oeuvre.) Crikey! Crappity doo-dah! Heckuva, sweet jeehosefat, darned, bull-shucks. Holy shoot!

Fewmets (Basically, they’re dragon droppings. Can’t get much dorkier than that. πŸ˜‰

My personal favorite (also in the dorky category, but in more of a Clark Kent way) is "Heavens to Betsy!"

Jeepers Christmas

"Dang it" is a popular one. "Shoot". "Darn it"
"Jumpin’ Jiminy Christmas!" – this is one that I’ve only heard south of the Ohio River. Not sure how wide spread it is.

Hol(e)y Buckets!

My grandma used to say "Shoot far fuzzy" or "dadgummit" or "well….foot"!


Fadoodle. (Usually "I don’t give a flying fadoodle.")

Shut the front door! – instead of Shut the f*** up!

"Cahn-sarn-it" and to steal one from Daffy Duck – "Razza-frazza".

Oh, applesauce has been a fav lately. But for the BEST ever swearing without swearing, watch Ned Flanders on The Simpsons.

I’ve taken to saying "Mother biscuit!" lately. No, I have no idea where that came from.
"Rassumfrassum" is another popular one with me.

Colonel Potter (M*A*S*H) always used to say "horse hockey" with great conviction. He also used buffalo bagels and cow cookies.

A friend of mine is quite fond of holy guacamole.

My grandmother always said, "BS" followed by, "That means Brown Sugar."

Ratzafrazz is another one. This one I used to avoid being grounded.