Okay, so there really is no time to blog but I do keep a list of things I might blog about and thought I would share that in lieu of an update. In no particular order here are 17 things I will probably blog about when I have the time to blog again.


  1. Some books like WRITING IN FLOW: Keys to Enhanced Creativity, by Susan K. Perry, Ph.D. and THE FOUR AGREEMENTS by don Miguel Ruiz and maybe even the ones I’m supposed to be writing.
  2. Paint samples and the color blue and why I hate tile.
  3. My office overhaul and my fear of change fighting with my need to be in control fighting with (I hope not) the decorator bringing designs for review on Wednesday.
  4. My dog who used to like people a little more than she does now.
  5. Going on the Native Garden tour 2 weeks ago and working on my garden design and why I can’t have the swing I want in the backyard.
  6. My four day work week.
  7. Sleep (ain’t it great?)
  8. Fear of being a poet (Fred and Liz – I am claiming it already, really!)
  9. Bosses and the lack of and its effect on my environment.
  10. How to lose a phone.
  11. Wikis (as in Wikipedia but in my case, pbwiki and wikispaces and more)
  12. Biscuits.
  13. Getting to meet Kerry Madden (okay, so I totally never blogged about meeting Libba Bray and Shannon Hale, nor did I share pictures but I am meeting Kerry tomorrow night and will hope to blog about it.)
  14. Scrabulous (My name is Susan and I’m addicted to Scrabulous)
  15. Letting go of worrying about your kids (ha – don’t expect this to be a how to)
  16. Journals and notebooks and pens and other office supply obsessions
  17. Rituals for writing