My dad is a movie star
pretty soon he’ll come get me
we’ll go to Hollywood
and I’ll be on his TV show.
Want my autograph?

He’s a spy
an astronaut
a famous scientist working on a cure for polio

I can’t come to your party
because my dad is taking me
to the zoo.
We always go to the monkey house first.

Right now my dad is asleep
so we have to play at your house.
(Can’t you hear him snoring?)

My dad travels a lot.
but he taught me how to tie my shoes
ride a bike
and how to speak Pig-Latin
so we could share secrets just between us.

Last week he gave me his lucky silver dollar
and promised to buy me a pony
for my birthday.

He’ll be home soon
and you can ask him yourself.

@copyright Susan Taylor Brown 2010
All Rights Reserved