This blog had me at chocolate. I mean really, a blog that combines children’s books with baking for kids? Yummy! This Florida teacher came up with a winning combination for blogging – she takes her favorite books from children’s literature and then gives you recipes to go with the books. If the book doesn’t have an obvious food connection, she makes up Recipes to Read by. The moral of her story is that food and books go together.

A couple of my favorite posts are Chocolate Obsession which is, as you can imagine, all about chocolate and You Don’t Want to Steal My Dog where she has a delicious looking recipe for “pup cakes” that look like dogs.

Pair this delectable blog up with who rolls out amazing feasts of words and food (yes, I am giving you two for one today just because I can) and you will have food/book connections for just about any occasion. Jama’s recent post on Thanksgiving with Arlo Guthrie at Alice’s Restaurant made me hungry for words and music and her Friday Feast: A Taste of Tuscany will appeal to foodies as well as writers and poets.

Tell them both I said hello when you stop by.