Today I want to introduce you to author/poet Liz Garton Scanlon. Her book All the World was just named the year’s best picture book by the L.A.Times and a Best Kids’s Book of the Year by The Washington Post. Reading her blog is like sitting across the table from her chatting, one-on-one, about life and family and writing and poetry and so much more. I read Liz’s blog for the beauty of the language she uses and I read it because she is always so darn grateful for her life that I can’t help but walk away from her blog feeling better than I did when I first started to read.

Liz is also one of the Seven Poetry Princesses responsible for encouraging them to write their Thanksgiving Villanelles.

A couple of my favorite posts of hers are Thanksgiving in the Backcountry and Humility and Audacity.

Don’t rush your visit with Liz. Sit with her a while. You’ll be glad you did.