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We almost didn’t decorate the house this year. I am fighting a cold and we were only having a few people over (as in the dinner last night) and I wanted to spend most of my break from the dayjob writing, not putting up decorations and then taking them down again. A lot of those thoughts were powered by the fact that we hadn’t had a tree for the last three years.

Anyway, we decided to go for it and of course, I am glad we did. 

This is one of my favorite Christmas decorations from my childhood. She’s actually a bell and it was in my grandmother’s house for as long as I remember. I used her in the centerpiece on the dining table.


This golden boot is also from my childhood. I remember putting it on the tree when my grandfather was still alive (and he died when I was 10). No story attached to it except that this year it made me cry.

When my children were little I had a tradition of putting together a little Christmas village that grew into a big Christmas town. It was an offshoot of my love of miniature collectibles. I had dozens of little houses and trees and many miniature characters. I would spend weeks setting it up (with a train, of course) and all the kids in the neighborhood would come to check it out. It was one of those things that made it feel like Christmas to me.

When I was divorced, my ex kept the train and I took my village. I carried it with me from California to Virigina to Louisiana and back to California again. I never unpacked it. First because there was no room. Then because there were no children’ to come see it. This year I decided to set up a small piece of it just to show my husband what I meant when I talked about my Christmas village. Alas, it did not inspire the oohs and ahhs from him that I had hoped so I’m not sure if I will be putting the big one together ever again. But I am glad of the memories it brings.

One thing I know for sure is that I need to start shopping for more decorations at all the after Christmas sales. This house is so big compared to others I’ve had that I don’t have enough decorations for it.

Hope you are all busy having a wonderful time with your loved ones.