Frustrating but not devastating sorts of things: Ordered some “props” for Traveling Oliver and I am not too crazy about the quilts and the pickles are scented and they smell horrible so I had to throw them away and buy different ones. And the bunny slippers are way too small and I should have just had them made. Grrr. I hate wasting money.

The house is completely trashed with my clutter all over the place but there won’t be any cleaning going on around here until I get the revisions done. (Thank you to my indulgent husband for putting up with it and cooking for me and making sure that I get something to eat every night.)  All the publicity stuff has come to a halt too. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day when I have to do the day job thing – not whining, just stating facts. I make notes of things to do and leave them at home. Then I make new ones at work with different things on them and forget them at work.

I’m looking forward to going to Santa Cruz on Saturday and even though I can’t work on Frankie’s book I can take some pictures of his neighborhood.

Please let me sleep more than 2 consecutive hours tonight. I need it.