Today I drove to Plesanton, about 40 minutes, to speak to the Tri-Valley branch of California Writers Club. Giving a speech is always sure to bring a few surprises but the big surprise for me had nothing to do with my speech.

I got out of my car, turned around in the parking lot and meet non-other than my online friend.  I have been hoping to connect with Becky for months and figured it would happen eventually at one of our own local branch meetings. I was so happy to see her there and look forward to many more connections in the future.

It was such a fun day. The energy in the room was all positive and the club is very encouraging to one another. There were a few glitches on my part as there was no podium for my notes so I left out some things I wanted to share but added some other things that I hadn’t written down. People laughed when I wanted them to laugh (always a good sign) and think it was a good event overall. I came home with some notes to myself about things to work on with my speaking. I really enjoyed myself and hope everyone else did too!