I was tagged with the letter N, write ten things the start with your letter and why they are important to you!

1. Networks – well there’s two kinds of networks and I love them both. The networks that connect all our computers are wonderful (and keep my husband gainfully employed) and the networks of friends that loop back and over and under and keep my smiling and supported are fab!

2. Novels – uh, duh.

3. Nicknacks – oh dear. I have hundreds of them. Truly. Little tiny to medium size to a few large and the plastic and the porcelain and a few wooden ones and they are all characters that are either writing or reading.

4. Night – I’m a nighttime kind of gal (which is why being at work at 6am is so painful for me.) My creative juices start rolling fast around 3pm and on into and through the night. (Which is why there are many nights that I simply don’t sleep._

5. Nature – When I am stressed or upset or depressed, we drive through the redwoods to Santa Cruz. As soon as I hit the redwoods, I can feel the tension leave my body. Ideas circulate better th

6. Nastursiums – They make me smile. Throw them in the dirt, a little water to get started and then you can pretty much ignore them. They repay you with bright blossoms all summer and deep into the fall. It was the first thing I remember growing at school, in an egg carton, and my grandmother let me plant them in the front yard where everyone could see them. I can drive by the house I grew up in and still see nastursiums there. Right night my backyard is a riot of orange with nastursiums and poppies.

7. Negotiations – The best ones of these bring contracts and money. What’s not to love?

8. Nerves – Nerves let us feel our emotions. You might have noticed I’m a wee bit of an emotional type of person. I need my nerves. 

9. Nerf balls and assorted Nerfy stuff – Because nothing else gets an engineer’s attention faster than throwing a Nerf-something at him. And because a bunch of stuffed shirts can’t stay all stuffy in a meeting when I give them Nerf toys to play with. And because I am moving cubicles next week and my boss and I will be able to have Nerf-battles from my cube to his office.

10. Nickels – I think they are an underappreciated coin. And they add up and you can buy cool stuff.

Oh dear….do I give someone an “O” because it is next? Gonna have to do it. I tag kellyrfineman 
(Sorry Kelly!)