How do you do it? How do you give yourself an attititude adjustment? Am I depressed? Maybe some because I would rather, a) be home in bed catching up on sleep and b) looking forward to writing today rather than doing more work with numbers at the dayjob. I guess I’m not depressed but grumpy, really REALLY GRUMPY, because when I got to work today there was nothing but finger-pointing, posturing, and arguments waiting for me in email. I am tired of it all because I am way too low on the totem pole to make a difference with anything. No one will really listen to what I have to say even though, now that a big manager is complaining about the issue, it is something I have been pointing out to people for over a year. What I do during the day just plain doesn’t matter and today I don’t have the energy to fake it and pretend that it does. I should try to connect this to writing but really, I just don’t feel like.

So what do you do to shake yourself out of a bad mood?