Seems like the more I want to be regular in my updates the harder it is but here I go trying again. The finger is still broken, but healing. I get to take the splint off for part of every day and do finger therapy. Oh joy. But I am happy that I can almost make a fist with my left hand again and I mostly don’t feel like crying when I do it. So that’s progress and I’m grateful.

I feel horrid bouncing in here after a long absence of not commenting to everyone else but I don’t know how else to get back on track again except to start. Yes, this tremendous guilt is just one of the many reasons I never quite managed to keep a diary or anything like it for any length of time. But I keep trying and that has to count for something, right?

Expect bursts of short posts as my brain kicks back into gear and I remember what all I have to share. For now, well, I don’t think I posted that I had a rebus in the August issue of Highlights magazine. That issue just happened to be the BILLIONTH issue printed. Wow! I grew up with it. My kids grew up with it. And now my grandson is growing up with it. I love continuity. (And if I did already share this, well, chalk it up to an almost senior moment.)

The cover contest winners should be up this week.

I sold another ESL book to Unibooks in Korea.

I’ll be back as I remember more.