I posted this in FB and Twitter updates but not here. A few weeks ago we found a hard bump on Cassie’s side. It wasn’t irritated and she wasn’t bothering it so we decided to do the wait and see. Suddenly they were popping up all over. Very hard, not movable as one would think of a typical cyst. She has several on her side, two on her nose that popped up overnight and one on her leg.

We just got back from the vet. The vet, who has many years experience, said she hadn’t seen anything like these bumps. First she thought it might be a reaction to something though we can’t figure out what. I asked if she could suddenly be developing a problem with peanut butter which she gets in bones/kongs/etc and she shrugged and said she wouldn’t think so but also anything is possible.

She took a sample from the largest one and said she got some material out that looked like it was a cyst. She’s sending out and we’ll get the results tomorrow. She’ll also do a consult to try and figure out next steps, if we should remove one and inspect it, just watch or what.

More waiting.

On the plus side, it doesn’t seem to be slowing Cassie down at all. She pays no attention to them. I’m the one who is a nervous wreck.

On the way home from the vet we stopped at the pet store so she could pick out a new toy and a treat (why yes, she is incredibly spoiled-LOL) and some kids were there looking at guinea pigs. She went up to sniff the guinea pigs but turned away, waiting not-so-patiently until the kids themselves paid attention to her.