Dear Flyboy,

What makes you think D hates you? Pretty self-centered of you if you ask me. Did you ever think that maybe his world doesn’t revolve around you? Boggles the mind a bit, doesn’t it?

And Spencer was only trying to help. And you knew that. I don’t know if she’ll ever forgive you and honestly, I can’t say that I’d blame her if she doesn’t. And Edna is really going to be pissed about the whole thing when she finds out. Really, really pissed.

Oh and there there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to be afraid of that dog. Have you seen the way he follows Spencer around like a lovesick fool hoping for her to touch him? Doesn’t that make him look the least bit cuddly?

Don’t even get me started about Wilson. You could cut him some slack you know. At least for now. Later I’ll understand if you don’t but right now I know more than you know so why not lighten up on him a bit?