It’s been a while so I thought I would check in with each of my characters via letters.

As always, they surprise me.

Dear Flyboy,

How is it that I never knew you were afraid of dogs? When did that happen? I thought you and Zero were going to be the best of friends. And why won’t you get in the darn truck? Spencer is going to lose patience with you and that is not going to settle well with Edna. You need Spencer on your side or haven’t you figured that out yet?

Also, I really need to know what you found when you looked in the wallet. You did remember to pick the wallet up when you dropped it at the airport right? When the security guard was chasing you? Because if you don’t have it I don’t know who does and boy is that going to cause some problems.

the author who only just this second realized you dropped the wallet. Whoa! Thank you for that plot development.


Dear Plant Kid,

I hear you talking to me every day and I’m really sorry I haven’t had time to sit with you lately. I agree that the time to be working on your book. I think of you when I pull weeds or collect seeds or take pictures of the various bugs I’m finding in the garden. And yes, now that I better understand the real theme in Flyboy’s story I understand that the two of you are completely different and have completely different stories to tell.

But one thing I still don’t understand about you…are you living with your sister or your grandmother or both? And is there still a hole in the roof?

the author who thinks you have at least three different stories to tell her.


Dear Max,

Where did you go? I haven’t heard from you in a long time and I fear that Cooper has moved into your place in the WIP line. Janie might be there in front too. Along with the non-fiction projects. If you don’t speak up I fear you disappearing completely.