Flyboy has written back, in response to this letter.

Dear Author,

First of all, Spencer needs to mind her own business. I didn’t ask her to poke her nose into what is going on with me and Wilson and D. How am I supposed to feel when I come from THE WORST DAY IN MY LIFE EVER and Spencer perched on the side of the bed like a little bird spooning who knows what kind of elixir into D’s mouth and then laughing at Wilson’s jokes? Even Nurse Lemon has fallen under her spell. Well not me.

D doesn’t have to talk to make it clear how he feels about me. Plus he throws things at me. Pillows and books I can handle but the other day he threw a baseball at my head. How would that make YOU feel?

As for Wilson, maybe he could ask me how I feel once in a while?

I will not talk to you about the dog at all. AT ALL. Do you understand?