I’m still working on my talk about fitting writing into our busy lives. If you are a writer with a day job that requires you to get up and leave the house for hours every day, would you mind weighing in on a few questions? 

The big question is how do you manage to write when you have to be away from home for 40 hours a week or more? Do you send yourself email and voice mails to remember things? Do you have stacks of Post-its and notecards that you have to gather up at the end of each week? Do you take lunch in your car so you can write for half an hour?

When you come home from work do you go right to your writing or do you have to wait until everyone is in bed?
Are you one of those early risers who can get up and write for an hour before they go to work?

Other than not enough hours in the day, what is the biggest struggle for you in trying to write when you also have a day job?