That’s what I’ve written on the new version of VZ. The first four lines of the bookd. Four lines that ask a question about how such a thing could have happened and who did it happen to and hopefully suck you right in.

I’m very pleased.

Okay, so it may not sound like much to someone else but the problem with going back into a story that you’ve been working on for years is that it is all too familar and I needed to shake it up. I made a list of the major plot problems and one of the biggest ones was dealing with the birth mother of the main character (adopted). No matter what I tried it felt forced or, in some versions, I simply didn’t mention her at all and that didn’t work either. Then I remembered a piece of writing advice from someone, if you have a hole in the plot, point to the hole, don’t try to hide it. So that’s what I did and suddenly there is energy in the story and I can’t wait to see it unfold.

And in the morning, it’s back to the day job, eeek!