1. It’s my anniversary today. 9 years. Every day I wake up next to my very best friend in the whole world and I just can’t believe my good fortune. He gave me the most beautiful long, gold earrings, hard to describe but absolutely gorgeous, from our favorite jewelry store in Santa Cruz, The Vault. He said I needed something that would stand out when I was on stage speaking as I would be doing more of that in the coming future.

2. Dell has finally agreed with DHL that DHL has lost my new computer. Never mind that DHL admitting this 4 days ago. Dell is shipping out a new computer in the next, oh, 2 weeks or so. Grrr.

3. I went to open the duet blinds in the kitchen nook. Only about 14 months old. They have one of those continuous loops. The loop broke. Now they don’t go up and they don’t go down. This would be on the patio door that we use ALL THE TIME to go out to barbecue, go out on the courtyard, etc. Called the guy who sold them/installed them and I think he is out of business. Sigh.

4. My daughter called last night and now I am turned inside out with fear and worry and not a damn thing I can do about it.

5. I am waiting on a query that has only been out for a week and I had forgotten how hard that waiting thing is.