I’ve been laid off for 3 weeks now and the money freakout has begun.

1. Today I got my first severence check. The company has it all screwed up which means I get to spend a bunch of time on Monday, on the phone, trying to get things straightened out. This is to add to the mess they made with the benefits stuff. I hate that place.

2.  I wasn’t going to go to the Asilomar conference because it is so expensive and I’m not writing and it is so expensive and I don’t feel like a writer and I would feel guilty if I went because it is so expensive.

3. Paula called and convinced me to go to the conference. I asked husband who said yes, you should do this. You love this. This is your career.

4. So I signed up. Paid my money. Tried not to freak out. Tried to trust the Universe.

5. Husband just comes to tell me that by the way, the company he is working for (he’s a contractor) is shutting down for a week. What that means is no paycheck.

I can hear the Universe laughing.