Okay, last night I posted this to a closed LJ friends only group. Now I can open it up to everyone.

Today is [info]laurasalas ‘s birthday.


And please, feel free to copy this request, post it in your own blog, and spread the word.

If you read Laura’s blog you know that she is a wonderful poet and is terrific about sharing her knowledge with everyone else. Every Thursday Laura posts a picture and asks people to write quick poems of 15 words or less. They aren’t expected to be perfect poems. You can read her guidelines here.

Anyway, I hope you’ll help me wish Laura a happy birthday. I’ve posted a picture here and I’d love it if you would go over to Laura’s blog and post a poem of 15 words or less that you are inspired to write after seeing this picture. If you want to post the picture within your comment, the code to do that and link back to this pic is <src=http://pics.livejournal.com/susanwrites/pic/0006kb3c>  If you want to post them here, that’s okay too. Please make sure to put your byline/blog with the poem.

one perfect day
filled with friends
wish I may
wish I might
make it so

Susan Taylor Brown

Thanks for helping me help make Laura’s day extra special!!!