I had an amazing dream last night.

I dreamt I was at some sort of nature event and they were talking about native bees. The girl on one side of the table said they wouldn’t stink and then promptly got stung. πŸ™‚ The other person at the table said, no, really, they’ll be fine. You’ll see.

When I looked down at my bare arms, both of them were slowing being covered with bees. This small hoard just started at my wrists and moved slowly up each arm, circling the arm, and then they just as easily, moved back off me again.

I wasn’t afraid or worried or anything. Just in absolute awe.

Okay, I’m editing this to add my thoughts on what the dream means to me. For thousands of years, bees have been the symbols of royalty and fertility. They are nurturing, food givers. You could live a long time just on the food of bees. They could symbolize renewal. I wasn’t attacked by bees. I wasn’t stung by bees. I was just allowed to see how beautiful they were, up close, and how they worked together to make something beautiful happen. There’s the old saying, “busy as a bee.”

To interpret a dream you need to think about what the symbols in the dream mean to your own life. Bees are life-givers to me. I am a native plant gardener and without the bees, there is less life in my garden. I have felt empty, especially of words lately, so it is significant to me that the only part of my body that the bees covered completely were my arms. They were doing what bees do – feeding me, feeding the part of me I needed to write. It’s time to do the work.

I took the dream as a very positive one.