onegrapeshy  climbed inside my head again. Yes, it makes things a bit crowded for the moment but maybe some of her smart stuff will rub off on me.

The thing is, I finally started working on a book again. Except that I forgot how. And by how I mean I forgot how to do anything and everything. How to write a crappy first draft. How to leave a space with a ? for something I can go back and fix. How to ignore the bits of research needed and just move forward somewhere, anywhere, to get more words down on the page.

491 of them, for now. From the beginning. Argh! And in writing those 491 words I have stopped to go outside and plant plants. Come back in, grumbled at the screen, put in a load of laundry, typed two sentences, read my F-List, played with the dog. Etc.

So I was glad to read this post.

Now to go look for word number 492.