I really don’t know how to write a book. This is insane. How did I ever tell a story from point A to point B before? And now the name I had for my main character, the name that was so perfect when he was a she, well I’m not so sure that it’s the right name anymore. And the other kid. The little kid next door. That name is wrong too. Well if I can’t even get the names right, how can I get the story right? And the beginning? Don’t even get me started about how the book begins. I had a great poem. A wonderful poem that asked questions and encouraged you to turn the page BUT, and this is sort of important, I really don’t think the poem is written by the main character. In fact, I highly doubt that it belongs in this book at all. Sigh.

So I tried starting with the day that is different like I did with Hugging the Rock but it doesn’t work either. The day that is different simply hangs there like a piece of modern art hung on a wall in the outhouse. So I’m writing backstory poems except I don’t know for sure that they are backstory because it is good stuff all about the relationship between the two boys which leads to the horrible thing but I never set out to write a relationship about the two boys. But wait, you say, doesn’t that mean that the characters are taking over the store and isn’t that good? Not really. Without the bones of some kind of plot to hang the whole thing on these guys will just keep on talking and talking and nothing will ever really happen. I wish I could remember how much of the story I knew when I started HTR. I simply don’t know. And that book was written at a really bad time in my life when everything around me was turning upside down. I was in constant physical and emotional pain and not just from the writing but from simply trying to live.

What if I’m one of those writers who can only write when there life is FUBARed to the Nth degree? Please no. I don’t want to go through that sort of thing ever again.

Yes I know to keep on keeping on but sometimes you need to stop to smell the flowers and sometimes when you do, you get stung by a bee.  End of rant. Back to work.