Trying to update a writer’s blog when one isn’t writing is a bit odd.

I am not even thinking about writing except for all the times I think about how I am not writing.

Today I am thinking about the oral surgery I am having tomorrow. And then the fact that 4-6 weeks after that I have to have two new crowns put on in the same place. And wondering if I can get all that done (if my mouth heals quickly) before the current insurance runs out at the end of November because we’ve already met the deductible for for the year. And then I am thinking about how I need to call a new dentist for the crowns because there is no way I am going back to the old one. With all this going on, one quadrant of my mouth will be in a constant state of turmoil from tomorrow til the first of the year and that stinks with the holidays coming. Sigh.

And then I am thinking about how yesterday I took 6 4" pots of  Carex tumulicola, divided it into 57 individual plants, planted them in the front yard for the meadow and then realized they might not be the native Carex tumulicola but possibly the imposter. Plus rethinking the size they get and if I screwed up where I put them for a meadow in the front yard….a meadow with wildflowers in-between. More sighs.

And thinking about how I have 8 working days left in a cubicle and how even though I don’t want to be here anymore I know it is going to be a huge change. I so don’t do change well. Trying not to sigh.

I think I am just exhausted. I woke up at 1am and was awake until 4. Crashed hard until the alarm went off. Woke up thinking about plants that might need to be moved in the yard.

Happy Monday everyone.