1.  The weekend.

We spent the entire weekend working in the yard. No new pictures yet. I had to totally redo the path though because although I loved the zigs and zags there was no way Cassie was going to run that way. So now she has a run behind the plants at the back of the fence and the path is mostly straight hoping she will be more inclined to use it. I also had to beef up the path with more rocks rather than a single line. I only got about 10 feet of changed but I can already tell it’s an improvement. My husband got the last of the stuff in the front yard planted so now all that is left is to put out the wildflower seeds and hope the birds leave us some. I love that Cassie loves to be with us outside in the yard. In the last 5 years, our last dog was not interested in being outside at all. It was a quick run to pee and run back in the house again. Cassie has to inspect every hole we dig and verify every plant after it is in the ground. Sure it slows things down but it is a lot more fun this way.

2. The week ahead.

Looking forward to lunch tomorrow with [info]hulabunny and having my in-laws over for dinner tomorrow night. Which means I need to get some housecleaning done today. Since I’ve been off work I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to the many piles of paper that cover every single table in the house.

3. Livejournal odds and ends.

In case you are one of those people who doesn’t read the LJ announcements, the servers are being moved tomorrow morning and LJ will be shut down for a few hours. Once stuff opens up again it will be slow and not everyone will be able to get on at the same time.

Also, December 4th they will be having a permanent account sale. It’s $175 now but if you know LJ is going to be your blog home, it’s not a bad deal, IMHO.