This is another one of my favorite plants, Coyote Mint. I have two kinds in my yard, the regular and the willowly, and I love them both. They like the sun and are pretty drought tolerant and the bees and the butterflies adore them. Their little pincushion flowers always have company. But what I like best is the reaction on people’s faces when they see the flower and ask me what it is. I say Coyote Mint and all they hear is mint and they start to back away very fast as though it might be contagious. But California Native mints are not invasive at all. They are a very well behaved plant and I have many of them in the front and the back yards.






Coyote Mint
purple pincushion
soldiers quiver at your name
invade my yard, please

@copyright Susan Taylor Brown
April 23, 2009