When we bought this house a little over two years ago one of the first things we knew was that we wanted to get rid of a lot of the cement. And when I saw this sideyard I had an instant image of a green, lush secret garden sort of place. The picture on the left is when we moved in, and the picture on the right is from about a month ago. The gate leads to the front courtyard so when we have a party we can open it and people can wander through. After the new fence went up and the cement was taken up, we had the blue stone path installs and planted both sides with red twig dogwoods. Eventually the dogwoods will naturally arch over the sideyard, enclosing it, and making it the perfect place for my secret garden.


down the dogwood path
salamanders frogs and toads
I can only hope

@copyright Susan Taylor Brown
April 28, 2009