In reading blogs the past couple of days, many people have done a look back at 2007. I can’t promise to be as detailed or even as deep in my own look back but here goes.

In early 2007 we bought a house in the over-priced market of the Silicon Valley. Which mean any time before that was spent looking for said house and packing and then moving. It was all consuming on many levels. I took most of the year off from writing to get it settled. And I fell in love with my house though the bonding process of getting settled and decorating. I bought an entire house of new (old) furniture (thank you craigslist.)

I read. A lot. It looks like 123 books (no picture books) but then not all of them were kids books. There were decorating books and gardening books and lots of books about airplanes. 

I ate too much of the wrong foods and didn’t exercise enough. 

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I should be doing and not enough time doing it. 

I worried about a lot of things I probably shouldn’t have worried about and will likely continue to do so. And I worried about some things that I always will (my kids) even though there is nothing I can do but love them and hope for the best.

I spent way too much time being miserable about having a day job. But I also spent a lot of enjoyable lunch times with work friends that make me smile and make me think. That alone makes out for the lousy food in our cafeteria.

I got to know a few new friends and got to know a few old friends a bit better.

I gave a few speeches, each one better than the last.

I realized that there are many things that I can’t do or won’t do or that I’m just not good at and told myself that it’s okay. Here’s hoping acceptance of all that will come in the next year.

Most of all, I woke up each day grateful to be married to my best friend and went to bed each night more in love with him than the day before.
If that was the only thing that happened all year I would consider myself a lucky woman.