So if you go to the dentist and they give you nitrous oxide and you try to think about anything else except for the fact that you’re at the dentist and you tell yourself to come up with a really good title for your WIP to keep yourself from thinking about the fact that you’re at the dentist, and then you do. 

Well it’s probably no good, right?

So then if you drive home with the windows down inhaling lots of fresh air and listening to the silence and you keep saying the title over and over again and try on all the different meanings people might come up with behind the title but then you realize that you really hadn’t much to eat all day and you probably still have some nitrous floating around in your brain you could probably convince yourself that it wasn’t the right title after all.


And then later, like HOURS and HOURS later, after lots of water and a nice dinner, if you tentatively say to your husband, “I think I have a title for Plant Kid’s book,” and then you tell him and he doesn’t run screaming from the room but instead says, “Hey I really like it!”

Well then maybe it might be safe to think you came up with a really good title after all.


That’s what I’m hoping.