Progress – not much. I’m coming down with a cold so I know that means lots of fluids and naps and the only thing I will do when I have the energy is work on the revisions for Hugging the Rock.

I am very frustrated because all the progress I made last week in mailing out review books and press kits for Oliver is probably going to have to be done all over again because I was a ditz. Monday I mailed all the packets, priority mail no less, but forgot that anything over a pound had to be taken inside the Post Office (hey, at 6am on the way to work I’m doing good to remember the way TO the Post Office.) So I dumped 17 packets into the mail drop which, of course, will not be delivered because they could be a threat. The Post Office sent two back the next day but 15 have gone missing. The priority mail postage is bad enough but there goes 15 copies of Oliver out in the netherlands. Sigh. Perhaps someone will read it in the confiscated items room at Post Office central and fall in love with Oliver. I’d like to think the rest of the packages will find their way back to me but I’m thinking that’s probably not too likely. Oh well. Note to self – from now on do all mailing AFTER work when I am more awake.

One royalty check arrived today. It wasn’t much but considering that I thought the books were going OP, I’m happy. It will help replace the Oliver books I’ve lost. Time to take some Airborne and some brandy and crawl into bed.

PS – my LJ rich text editor has suddenly stopped working. Worked fine yesterday. Same browser. Same Java. Anyone else having that problem? Okay, and now when I clicked to update my journal it didn’t update but it moved me into the rich text mode. Something funky going on here.