I can’t remember where I read this but I’ve come across versions of it a couple of times in recent reading….the idea that memories we access more often are more likely to be corrupted than memories that are more pristine. ( , was it you that posted something about it?) As I continue to mine my past for a couple of current WIPs I have begun to wonder how corrupted some of my own memories may have become.

Poem a Day #21

I’ve been so sure of my  memories
until now
now when yesterday’s hurt
runs into today’s doubt
I wade into a sea of what-ifs

what if it didn’t really happen
or not the way I’ve always told myself

what if the embroidered edges of my memories
make it the same
but different
worse than reality
less than ideal

what if I have to let go of my righteous anger
and let the past collapse into the dust that birthed it

what if who I thought I was
is someone different
from who I am trying
to become?

Susan Taylor Brown.
All rights reserved.