Happy Poetry Friday! Today’s poem is a throw-back poem from my series using famous poems as models for my own original poems. The model poem I used was Won’t You Celebrate With Me by Lucile Clifton.  Clifton’s poem really inspired me and I remember I wrote my first draft in a fast white heat and was surprised the next day when I chose to not edit much at all. Sometimes the muse is in alignment with me as I type.
I now consider this poem one of my personal anthems.

Celebrate With Me

won’t you celebrate with me
what I have become
a woman strong and brave
enough to speak her mind,
a wife, a lover
daughter, mother
a friend to few
I hold dear
a non-friend
to some
for reasons I don’t understand
born into confusion
about how to become
how to trust I had
in all my glory
before barreling past
my destination
not knowing
I was enough
I am enough
come celebrate
with me that
I have climbed
my mountains
cheered the sunrise
knowing, knowing
I am stronger
at all the broken places.

—Susan Taylor Brown


Listen to me read this poem.

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