I love to speak about my books or my writing journey with both children or adults. I also enjoy conducting writing workshops. My very favorite presentation to do is a poetry workshop. So many people (young and old) are afraid of poetry and I like to help them realize that not only is there nothing to be afraid of, it can be a lot of fun.
For several years I received grants to teach poetry to incarcerated teenaged boys and girls. I was assigned to a school for a period of anywhere from six weeks to a full school year, visiting the classroom several times each week. The young writers grew more confident with expressing themselves over time and they truly amazed me with their honest poems.
I also enjoy speaking to community groups about having the courage to follow your dreams and what it takes to make your dreams come true.
If you would like to have me come speak to your classroom or group, please contact me so we can discuss what type of program would be right for you. After I have more information, I can give you a breakdown of the fees at that time.
I look forward to creating a special program just for YOU!