Trade Books

Hugging the Rock Tricycle Press, 2006

Oliver’s Must-do List Boyds Mills Press, 2005

Jump at the Sun Treasure Hyperion, 2001

Can I Pray With My Eyes Open? Hyperion, 1999

Educational Books

The Poetry Friday Anthology, Pomelo Books, 2012

Enrique Esparza, Boy at the Alamo. Lerner Books, 2010

The Lead Detectives. Omaha Healthy Kids, 2008

Robert Smalls Sails to Freedom. Lerner Books, 2006

The Very Patient Pony. Writers Press, 1998

A Pony Named Midnight. Writers Press, 1998

When Jasper Closed His Eyes. Fairview Press, 1997

Did Not! Did Too! Wendy Pye, Ltd./The Wright Group, 1996

The Best Dog in the Whole World. Wendy Pye, Ltd./The Wright Group, 1996

Foreign Books

The World of Letters, Books 1-10. Unibooks/Korea, 2009

The Magic Caterpillar. Unibooks/Korea, 2009

Fish Are Fun. Unibooks/Korea, 2009

Vegetable Jungle. Unibooks/Korea, 2006

Friends around the World. Unibooks/Korea, 2009

Life in the Zoo. Unibooks/Korea, 2009

The Mummy. Unibooks/Korea, 2009

Why We Need Vegetables. Unibooks/Korea, 2009

The Food Chain. Unibooks/Korea, 2009

Let’s Make Ice Cream. Unibooks/Korea, 2009

How a Lever Works. Unibooks/Korea, 2009

Nature’s Surprises. Unibooks/Korea, 2009

Colors in the Sky. Unibooks/Korea, 2009

Joy’s Tomboy Island Adventure. Unibooks/Korea, 2009

Sleep Tight. Unibooks/Korea, 2005

Too Little, Too Big, Just Right. Unibooks/Korea, 2005

Who Am I? Unibooks/Korea, 2005

What Should I Wear? Unibooks/Korea, 2005

Where Should I Go? Unibooks/Korea, 2005

My Dog. Unibooks/Korea, 2005

Is That Your Cat? Unibooks/Korea, 2005

Mouse Can Help. Unibooks/Korea, 2005

The Farmer and the Corn. Unibooks/Korea, 2005

Room For One More.Unibooks/Korea, 2005

Monster Dream. Unibooks/Korea, 2005

One Smart Frog. Unibooks/Korea, 2005

The Carrot Forest. Unibooks/Korea, 2005

Listen to the Gypsy. Cora Verlag, Germany, 1991

Flirtation Waltz. Cora Verlag, Germany, 1990

Magazine Credits Non-Fiction

It’s A Natural World, Institute of Children’s Literature News (5/2010)

Families Come To Life in Fiction, Institute of Children’s Literature News (4/2010)

The World in Verse, Institute of Children’s Literature News (3/2010)

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Profile: Stonearch Books, Institute of Children’s Literature News (7/2009)

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Publishing in the Recession, Institute of Children’s Literature News (4/2009)

Tis the Season, Institute of Children’s Literature News (8/2006)

Helping Young Readers Cope, Institute of Children’s Literature News (5/2005)

Reaching Reluctant Readers, Institute of Children’s Literature News (10/2005)

That Crazy Little Thing Called Teen Love, Institute of Children’s Literature News (11/ 2004)

Creative Nonfiction: A True Story Well Told, Institute of Children’s Literature News (7/2004)

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Get Your Foot in the Door and Your Fiction into Print, Best of Magazine Markets (2003)

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Postage Shortcut, Writer’s Digest (4/91)

Lovesong, Concepts (4/91)

Make Mine Wry, The Final Draft (4/89)

Magazine Credits Fiction

Andy and the Treehouse, Young Crusader (11/92)

To The Heights, My Friend (9/93)

Family Album, Visions (4/90)

The Strongest Animal, Highlights for Children (3/03)

Harold’s Hundred Days of School, Highlights for Children (9/03)

Additional Info

Columnist – New Orleans Times Picayune • (1995 – 1996)

Stringer – Bethel Island Beacon Gazette • Bethel Island, CA • (1988-1989 & 1992-1993)

Public Relations coordinator – Lazy R Ranch • Oakley, CA • (1993-1995)

Newsletter editor – California Writer’s Club • (1992 – 1993)