I’m not quite manic but my brain is racing so I’m dumping some of those thoughts here.

1 – Thank you to whomever stared the tradition of Teaser Tuesdays. Sometimes getting a teaser written in the early morning hours is just the kick in the cants I need.

2 – I figured out a great way to use the LJ memories feature. Lots of the time I read blog posts on my phone and then want to remember to reply to them later. Now I can tag them for my memories on my phone and when I am home at my computer, pull them up again and write a response. (Maybe everyone else already does this but it was new to me.)

3 – The state refund check finally cleared the bank. Woohoo!

4 – One of the dumb things I worry about. If someone sends me an email and signs it “best regards” and I always sign my emails “best regards” does that person think I am copying them?

5 – Last night I couldn’t sleep so I wrote dedications in my head. Dedications to people I want to make sure I dedicate a book to. Dedications for books I haven’t finished writing yet and in one case, for a book I haven’t even conceived of yet.