DC is starting to talk a little louder, at last, but if he’s not careful his sister Allison will drown him out. She’s a feisty little sister who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. DC is more of a thinker, prone to keeping things locked inside. Allison tries too hard to be the woman of the house, even though she’s only 10 or maybe she’s 12. DCs 16 so I think she’s 10. She needs to be verbal enough to spar with him but young enough to be in danger.

I feel so much better about the family dynamics now that I got rid of the mom. Whew!

I started rereading a bunch of my flying books today and realize I need to talk to some experts about one thing before I even get started because it concerns the title and I want to weave subtle references to the title throughout the work. Anyone out there a pilot who wouldn’t mind answering a couple of quick questions?