1. For some reason Cassie has changed her wake-up time to 6am. 7 days a week. This does not endear me to her at all. Remember, I am NOTa morning person.

2. It took me two hours to water the yard today. I’m hoping to get enough water to the new garden that I don’t lose any plants if and when we end up with rationing this summer.

3. I have too many books. I mean don’t have too many because I love them all, but I don’t have enough room. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if I weren’t so picky about where they go. I want all the writing craft books in the bookcase right next to my desk but it is overfull even with stacking books vertically. I already moved the poetry craft books into the library with the poetry books but I am still out of room. Grrr.

4. No matter how many layers of padding I put against my office window I can still hear the evil neighbors, their music, and their horrible cackling laugh still comes through the walls.

5. #4 means it is going to be impossible to enjoy my own backyard all summer long unless they drink themselves into an endless stupor. Sigh.

6. Chocolate silk pie makes many things all better.