Okay, maybe I can manage a list kind of post.

1. I have a cold but I am still plodding onward. I’m trying to clean my office, and I mean deep clean, like all the rolls of tape land in the same place sort of clean. I bought a few storage pieces to try and help which means a lot of rearranging things again and again. And many big messes because the only way I seem to be able to clean and sort things is to lay everything out on the floor and try to make sense of it. Lots of junk, some useful stuff, and a whole lot of I don’t know. It might make more sense if I didn’t have a cold and my head wasn’t weighed down with snot. TMI, I know.

2. I was hoping that when I cleaned my office I would find one of the two thingys I have that allows me to add water to my water pillow but alas, no. I found a lot of stuff but not that. I may have to resort to alternate measures which could have a less than ideal success rate. Note to self – attempt refill procedure in the bathroom, not over the mattress.

3. Since turning in my partial for the conference I haven’t written at all. Well except for a spec story for another work-for-hire project. But that only counts a little bit.

4. I am all caught up on laundry. This is an amazing feat because even though there are just two of us here we seem to generate a lot of dirty clothes. But what I don’t understand is the missing hangers. We bought a few new items of clothes. We packed a box of clothes for Goodwill. But there are less of the nice plastic hangers than before. Alternate sock universe I understand but hangers?

5. Every room in my house is trashed. When I clean I seem to destroy a room as I try to put it back together again. What with all the moving furniture/books/junk around I have managed to make a giant mess of the library, my office, the living room, the exercise room and my husband’s office. Well, I had help on the last one. I am always like this but it is worse when I have a cold because my focus is off-kilter.

6. When I am not messing things up in an attempt to clean house I am on the couch with a stack of magazines and a pair of scissors. I’m cutting out words and colors for my workshop in January.