Okay if I wait until I am done checking everyone’s journals I’ll never update because I’m really supposed to be working on VZ or on one of several talks I have to give in the next month or even the family writing workshop that is scheduled but instead I am drinking chai while reading journals and pretending I don’t have to go back to the day job tomorrow.

In the nice news department, the February issue of Highlights magazine has my short story, Harold’s Hundred Days of School. Very fun.

Tricycle sent me some extras of the handout they did for Hugging the Rock (just bound in simple cardboard pages – no cover art) but if you’re a librarian or a teacher who wants a hard copy of the excerpt to share with someone, drop me a note and I’ll send it right out.

I’m reading scads of screenwriting books to try and come at my new project in a different way and I think it’s helping. More later.