Okay, this is lazy of me but I am still not 100% back to myself (and yes, I know, I promised an update and haven’t yet but I will.)

If you’re going to Asilomar tomorrow, please let me know so I know to keep a look out for you. I’m the quiet one who’s usually in the corner near the potted plant so if I’m not looking out for folks, I can sometimes come home and never connect with people I want to me.

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After the conference

I am home again after a wonderful weekend at our regional SCBWI conference at Asilomar. I started off by picking up Samantha McFerrin, >Harcourt Children’s Books, and Lin Oliver, co-founder of SCBWI, at the SJ airport. It was a beautiful day for driving. We stopped in Moss Landing and had a yummy lunch at The Whole Enchilada. (Note to self – must go back and try the margaritas. They looked delicious!) The weekend was jam-packed with talks by editors and talented writers and visits with friends, old and new. I had some time to chat, albeit briefly with and I can’t believe the weekend went by with only a chance hello to (why didn’t we get to know one another when you lived here in SJ?)

Cheryl Klein, Arthur A. Levine Books, used Millicent Min as a great example of voice. She won my heart when she said that plot could taught. Thank goodness! Rachel Orr, HarperCollins, struck a chord with us all with her stories of fighting for the right titles and covers for her books. Allyn Johnston, Editor-in-chief at Harcourt, had us (and herself) in hysterics when she talked about her tendency to get perhaps a bit too close to the writers she worked with. If you ever meet her, ask about her early performance reviews.

As always, the conference food left a lot to be desired but the location and the people made up for it all.

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D for Done!

Yeah – late late last night I mailded off my proposal for another non-fiction history book and it was a whopping two days ahead of schedule. I love it when that happens.

And now I am off to Asilomar for my SCBWI conference where I will spened time soaking up some rays at the ocean, chatting with friends (including some from LJ) and listening to some great talks about craft and the business of writing for children. But first, off to the airport to pick up Samantha McFerrin (editor at Harcourt) and Lin Oliver from SCWBI. Should be a fun ride.

Talk to you all on Sunday.

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