Carnival of Children’s Literature

September Carnival of Children's Literature

Welcome to the September Carnival of Children’s Literature.  We have a little bit of something for everyone this fine carnival day. No need to rush. Take your time and if you don’t manage to see it all in one day, you can come back again and again.

Terry Doherty at Scrub-a-Dub-Tub, a Reading Tub shares an interview: Inspiration from Mom – A Conversation with Dawn Morris

Deborah Freedman celebrates Robert McCloskey’s birthday. Kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk 

The Author Spotlight is on Laurel Snyder.Sherrie Petersen says, Laurel Snyder is a slush pile success story. Find out why she thinks genres are like dancing, imitation is a conversation and why Batman books might be in her reading pile!

James The Old Coot talks about reading all the John Newbery Medal winners the other day.

Aiych shares The Amazing Scrubbies

Dinotrux Makes Prehistoric Impact in Preschooler World comes to us via Roberta Gibson at  Wrapped in Foil ·

Mary Ann Scheuer says,I really enjoyed this coming of age story, and think it will appeal to boys. Lots of humor, bonding, growing up. Read more about When the Whistle Blows – a compelling coming-of-age story for boys (ages 10 & up

Take a look at Winnie-the-Pooh Books Inspired by Milne and Shepard courtesy of Rebecca Reads

Haley Drucker at Magic and Myth takes a look at City of Ember: Book vs. Movie

Brian at Book Dads says Two Minute Drill’s story emphasizes the importance of reading, and that learning in itself can be a source of real enjoyment. Lupica also deftly slips in references to two YA books, My Brother Sam is Dead and Hoot, with the suggestion that they might be of interest to boys of this same age as well.

Review of The Ask and The Answer by Patrick Ness from Becky of Becky’s Book Reviews

Jennifer at Jean Little Library shares some Strange and Wonderful Visions

Andi investigates Human Body Detectives

Z-Dad celebrates the re-release of The Hiccupotamus with a look at some behind the scenes stories about its creation

Becky reviews Mortimer’s First Garden

Carol Rasco shares  WEDNESDAY WINDOW: The Watsons Go To Birmingham – 1963

My Parents are Divorced, My Elbows Have Nicknames, and Other Facts About Me  via Brian at Book Dads.

Patrena Lynn Roach offers up Ebony The Egg Eater

Yes, Virginia, there was YA when you were a teenager explains Wendy at Six Boxes of Books.

Jennifer Bogart reviews Pharaohs and Foot Solders: One Hundred Ancient Egyptian Jobs by Kristin Butcher

From Brian at Book Dads Half For You: the father bird in this Persian folktale teaches his son about the world and the virtue of cooperative economics.

Janelle at Brimful Curiosities reviews Legacy by Cayla Kluver. Janelle says, Teen author from Wisconsin re-releases her debut book through the AmazonEncore publishing program.

Tarie Into the Wardrobe presents a Book Review and Author Interview: Chenxi and the Foreigner by Sally Rippin

Yum! Yum! Jama Rattigan’s Alphabet Soup whips up an end-of-summer picture book picnic!

Betsy and Tacy Go Over the Big Hill  with Melissa Wiley
Elizabeth O. Dulemba kicked off her month with a bang. Here’s her wrap up of the Decatur Book Festival ’09
and from there it was off to the SOAP, SOAP, SOAP RELEASE PARTY and BLOG TOUR!!

Teens 13-18 can win a $1,000 scholarship just for creating a book trailer. Check out this great opportunity via Susan Taylor Brown

The unshushable Betsy Bird has a bit part in the video No Butts About It, We Love to Read!  “No Butts about it, we love to read!” is something between a book trailer and a public service announcement that Ayun Halliday (author of ALWAYS LOTS OF HEINIES AT THE ZOO) and I (Erica Perl, author of CHICKEN BUTT!) made while we were doing a seat-of-our-pants book tour together this spring. Bottom line (heh) was that we wanted to promote reading – of our books, sure, BUT also of all books. A lot of friends pitched in to help us make it, including NYC and DC public school students, fellow author pals, and even my 97-year-old Great Uncle!

Jon Bard Children’s from Writing Web Journal talks about How to Write a Children’s Book Based on Your Personal Struggles

Colleen Mondor of Chasing Ray takes on the world of vampires in What a Girl Wants #6: Loving a bloodsucker 

Ken Robert looks back at Goodnight Moon – Memories of a Reading Collaboration

Jen Robinson shares about Popularity in Blogging and Book Awards

Kimberly at Lectitans does a bit of Weekend Wonderings 

To-Be-Read Piles – Small, Large, and Extra Large!  courtesy of Greg Pincus and The Happy Accident

Exercising the Imagination Muscle

Wendy Piersall gives some great resources to use the Harry Potter books in the classroom / homeschool curriculum.

Susan Stephenson, the Book Chook, says  Pirates love books too! She shares how to Party Like a Pirate

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2009  was tons of fun for Elizabeth Duemba

The honesty and raw emotions of this 14 year old’s poem ripped my heart and then mended it whole. He shared it with me so I could share it with you, says Lee Wind. A Teen’s Poem that you absolutely MUST read!

Anastasia Suen says the book Punctuation Celebration is a must have book for the elementary school classroom!

Bonnie Blogs Green shares the story of Five Covers, One Book, You Pick

An Author Scolding Teachers for Reading Books Aloud?  from Sarah Mulhern at The Reading Zone

Hall Monitor offers a troubling story about getting rid of library books.

I haven’t seen a host for next month’s carnival yet but if there is one, please let me know and update the page.

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March Carnival of Children's Literature

Yipee! It’s carnival time!

The March Carnival of Children’s Literature is now available courtesy of Jenny Schwartzberg at Jenny’s Wonderland of Books.

Don’t know what the Carnival of Children’s Literature is? Read on. Every month a new kidlit blogger hosts the carnival. Sometimes they suggest a theme and sometimes they just ask for favorite posts from kidlit bloggers for that month. Then the hosts rounds them up in a fabulous post like this.

Go. Read. Enjoy!

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June carnival of Children's Literature – Fathers in Children's books

Welcome to the June 2008 Carnival of Children’s Literature. The theme of fathers in children’s books brought posts of the good, the bad, and even a bit of Dr. Seuss.


To get us in the fatherly mood, a pair of special daughters give us a glimpse of what it was like to grow up with a pair of special dads. Terry at the Reading Tub shares thoughts on her dad and books and Kelly Herold tells us what it was like Growing up with a Rockstar.

Susan Gaissert presents Hop on Pop: A Critical Analysis.

Jen Robinson posts about the five best and five worst fathers from children’s and young adult literature that she’s read about this year.

I share Erica Harrington’s post about my book, Hugging the Rock, in which she suggests that maybe the father wasn’t such a rock after all.

Jeannine Atkins talks about The Power of Absent Fathers and Becky Levine ponders the absence of fictional fathers on her own bookshelf.


Joyce Moyer Hostetter shares some thoughts on fathers in children’s literature as well as a sneak peak into the sequel to her novel BLUE.

Libby at Lessons from the Tortoise presents a potpourri of ideas about fathers in books.

In a comment in my blog, Annie Mitchell shared her thoughts about the fathers in Bridge to Terabithia.

Fran Cannon Slayton talks about Sounder and the grandfather she never met until she wrote her book, How to Stop a Moving Train

Jules at 7 Imp give us Father Knows Best, a review of How I Learned Geography by Uri Shulevtiz

Becky’s Young Readers reviews Happy Father’s Day by Dan Yaccarino.

Because I Love You by Max Lucado is reviewed at Quiverfull Family Blog

Nancy Arruda writes about the  Hello, Goodbye Window by Norton Lester.

Becky’s Book Reviews presents Going for the Record by Julie Swanson.

Franki and Mary Lee at A Year of Reading offer the Author Interview: Shelley Harwayne.

Mary Burkey points us to her Audiobooker blog, featuring the Odyssey Award, which was won this year by the producer of the audiobook of father-and-son team Walter Dean Myers & Christopher Myers’ book Jazz. The Myers are also featured here and here.

Book Moot, reviews Miracle on 49th Street by Mike Lupica in Audio Books That Charm.

Kelly Herold reviews Cosmic, by Frank Cottrell Boyce.


Daddy Dialectic
The Friendly Book Nook
Book Buds reviews books about dads
Peter at Collecting Children’s Books
Fathers and Daughters in Children’s Books at Susan Writes
Mitali Perkins:A Baker’s Dozen of Father Daughter Books

Thank you everyone who submitted to this carnival!

Would you like to host a future carnival? Click here for all the details.

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Call for submissions – Fathers in children's literature

This is just a reminder that the next Carnival of Children’s Literature is coming up on June 23rd. Deadline for submissions is Saturday June 21. The theme is Fathers in children’s literature. The carnival is simply a gathering of posts on a related topic. The Carnival of Children’s Literature is a gathering of posts for the month on the topic of children’s literature. Sometimes, like this month, the person hosting the carnival chooses a theme. In honor of Father’s Day I chose fathers in children’s literature. What father or father figure has stood out in your mind long after you closed the pages of the book? Write a blog post about it and then let me know so I can add it to the carnival.

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December Carnival of Children's Literatue

Thanks to Big A little a for hosting this month’s Carnival of Children’s Literature. I can’t believe I forgot my own entry. Argh!

The theme for this carnival is giving our favorite books. So if you still have some shopping to do (please tell me I am not the only one) head over there for great ideas. There are books lists, of course, but so much more! Information on the gift-buying process, book reviews and a few surprises as well.

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November Carnival of Children's Literature is now open!

Yowzers! It’s been a while since we had a carnival but Mother Reader made sure it was worth the wait.

Check out the tips for reviewers, readers, librarians, writers and more!!!

Thanks, Mother Reader!

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It's Carnival time!

Who doesn’t love a carnival? (I promise, no scary roller coasters or clowns but you can have all the virtual cotton candy that you want.)

Mother Reader is the gracious host for the November Carnival of Children’s Literature and Tips. She has all the scoop on the how tos and whens and most importantly, the theme, right here.

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