Some days are the kind of days that just warm you inside and out. That was yesterday afternoon for me.

First I met  Jen Robinson of Jen Robinson’s Book page at a local Starbucks for a first time meet-up. This is surprising because we live very close to one another. It was great to finally put the real face with the voice I know and love from reading her blog. She is just as wonderful in person too! Then we wandered next door to Hicklebee’s where Linda Urban

was signing and reading from her wonderful new Cybil’s nominated book A Crooked Kind of Perfect.


Linda was a mesmerizing reader (my first thought was that she needs to do the audio for her own book) and I fell in love with Zoe all over again. Monica Holmes and Valerie Lewis, the Queens of Hicklebee’s, joined us for meaty, funny, fabulous conversations of books and blogs and the life of a children’s author. We tried, not sure how successfully, to convince Valerie that she needs to start a Hicklebee’s blog. (Until she does, make sure to get on her mailing list. Lots of great information even if you don’t live in the area – and if you do live close enough – Hicklebee’s has a continual assortment of author events worth attending.)

Linda and I were talking about the difficulties of writing the second novel. She recommended I read Writer’s Workshop in a Book: The Squaw Valley Community of Writers on the Art of Fiction. I’m looking forward to reading it. I think I could have talked shop for hours and hours. It was just what I needed. I’ve been feeling really disconnected from my writing, from the writing and blogging community, and most of all from my creative self. But yesterday I could myself coming back to life.

Thank you Jen & Linda and Monica & Valerie.