Okay, I was trying to be all organized and ahead of the game before tax season but then we moved and my new office has a completely different set-up than the old office and I can’t believe we’ve been 8 months and haven’t set up a system for certain things. Like, gulp, receipts. (It’s a sad story that I won’t go into here.)

I will admit that I am a disorganized crazy person when it comes to setting up a new system. I am not dedicated to recording something in Excel as soon as I get home from buying it. This, of course, means that I have mad dashes before deadlines for things like paying income taxes. It also means the occasional sad story based on my own stupidity. (Like checks that I have to have re-issued because they have, gulp, expired.)

Since it is not next year yet I figure I have time to implement SOMETHING that will work for next year.

So what’s your system? I mean exactly. In detail enough for a crazy person like me to follow. Do you hit the office supply store and carefully note on your receipt what you bought and the go home and go right to your office and enter it in Quicken or a spreadsheet? Does the scrap of paper ride along with you in your car for months until its time to have the car detailed and you save it (just barely) from being tossed with all the empty water bottles that have rolled under the seat? Is there a basket on your desk where everything lives untl the last Sunday of the month (unless there’s a full moon) and then you suffer through hours of matching things up and filing them in folders and then ???

I know the basics of organization – everything needs a home. For some reason there are a few things, the most important things, in our new place that still don’t have a home. I don’t know why. It probably says something horrible about my psyche but oh well. I am what I am. And that’s what scares me. The thought that I am not going to be able to change myself into even a fake organized person.